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I got this ladder as gift from my parents when I moved into a high-ceiling loft. Maybe the 3rd time I was using it, I was standing on the 5th rung—I weigh about 190—and the left bold snapped right off.

Luckily I caught myself and did not fall. I was not holding anything in my hands at all. I have since inserted a thick screw to hold the run up where the bolt was, but I am worried that this will happen again. I don't use it a lot, but I do use it every so often.

How can this happen with a ladder?

There's even an OSHA inspection sticker! Aren't these things supposed to be inspected for safety?

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The problem is that the standards are obsolete. Ansi does not develop standards but only accredits standards.

The ladder industry writes the standards and only seems to care about the ladder industry and not the consumer. In fact, the flimsiest - most dangerous - ladders are labeled "consumer" or "homeowner" which makes Type III (200 lb rating) ladders the most attractive to infrequent ladder users. The ladder industry sells huge volumes of their cheap products. Consumer Reports recommends buying ladders with at least a max.

weight rating of 300lbs. The cheap ladders are more prone to "racking" twisting which can cause people to fall and suffer serious injuries.

Cheap hardware is designed to be sold cheaply so it wears out quickly and does not perform reliably. It's not worth the risk to purchase these flimsy ladders.


File a report with the CPSC. When a company liken Werner is aware of faulty products, but choose to do nothing, the CPSC has leverage to hold them accountable.

The only way the CPSC knows about these faulty products is when people file complaints. Most people will just throw away the lousy product, but that does not help the future victims who may get injured or die.

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