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I was using the ladder to paint my bedroom & the ladder collapsed causing me to fall and a great deal of pain. They did several x-rays of my hip, cack and left knee. No fractures found but have had a great deal of pain with very limited mobility.

Original review posted by user Jan 05, 2017

I was painting on my Werner Ladder with the paint tray out and it collapsed due to the hinge breaking.I fell onto my back and left leg.

Going to get xray today I hope. I was in such sever pain I could begin to get up for 10 minutes, but I was all tangled up in the ladder and couldn't get away from it. I still cannot bear weight on my left leg and my back and hip hurt also.

I read the products hinges were made with pot metal and there have been many consumer complaints about them breaking for no reason.I felt like there was no reason this should have happened either.

Review about: Werner Ladder Ladder.

Reason of review: To be alive..


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I went to eye doctir in June 2017 with sudden onset blurred vision.He asked if I had fallen or had an accident revently.

I said in January 2017 I hit my head on dresser & hurt my leg badly from ladder breaking. He said a piece of the tisdue inside the eye had been hanging attavhed & finally dislodged causing my center vision pronlems.

A "large floater".I still have it now & it's February 2018 no improvement with treatment.


File a complaint with the CPSC.

to Anonymous #1432182

How does one file a claim? Email me Thank you.

Naples, Florida, United States #1266621

Did you exceed the weight limit?

to LadyScot #1432181

I weigh 140 lbs. No I did not exceed weight limit.

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